Home Media Retailing reports that Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble brought in $5 million over the weekend.

This total includes what the film made theatrically, "DVD preorders and other revenues." The film went out on 32 screens and made $72,000, but so far orders for the film on DVD “are quadruple expectations.” These totals are all from Magnolia Pictures which produced and released the movie.

Mark Cuban, who co-owns HDNet cable, it’s production house, Magnolia Pictures and the Landmark Theater chain, also released the film via HDNet cable this past weekend.

"While the theatrical performance was not as high as we would have liked, it compared favorably to other similar films released over the weekend," Cuban said.

Bolstered by the success of this film, twelve more HDNet Films are currently being talked about for such a release.

Bubble comes out on DVD January 31st, 2006.

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