Remember Bubbles? He was the most famous chimp in the world during the 80s. Now, he's getting his own stop-motion animation movie. Isaac Adamson is behind the script for this biopic of sorts, which will revolve around Michael Jackson's best friend. The screenplay topped the coveted Black List, and will result in a movie that is very similar in style to this past year's Anomalisa.

Dan Harmon, creator of the cult hit NBC series Community, and his Starburns Industries production company are producing this very unique film, with Andrew Kortschak and End Cue making the acquisition. Dan Harmon also executive produced Anomalisa, which was up for Best Animated Film at this year's Oscars.

Bubbles revolves around Michael Jackson's much beloved and very pampered Chimpanzee. The narrative will retell the King of Pop's life story from the perspective of the pet chimp. The animal was adopted by Michael Jackson from an Austin, Texas research facility. He became the icon's sidekick while living on Neverland Ranch, where Bubbles permanently moved in 1983.

Further along in their relationship, Bubbles started to become over aggressive. A heartbroken Michael Jackson had to move the chimpanzee to a monkey sanctuary in Florida. The screenplay tells the story in a very fresh and inventive way. And it will allow an unauthorized portrait to be painted without getting consent from the Jackson Family. It isn't known if Michael Jackson's legal problems will be touched upon. Or how deeply into the pop star's life the story will actually probe.

Isaac Adamson is serving as an executive producer alongside Lee Stobby. There is no production start date set. Nor is there a director in place. It isn't known if Bubbles will be given a voice, or if this biopic will play things at a more realistic level. Stay tuned for more on this unique project as news break.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange