Disney has not only announced what movies they will be releasing on Blu-ray disc this fall, the company has also fired the first salvo in the looming format war between HD and Blu-ray.

According to The Digital Bits, the following Blu-ray titles will hit stores on September 19, they are Dinosaur, Eight Below, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The Great Raid.

The second wave will hit stores October 17 and they will be Glory Road, The Haunted Mansion, Dark Water, Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Brothers Grimm.

These releases "will feature full 1080p video and menus with seamless animation that can be accessed while the movie is playing. As an added bonus, Eight Below, Dinosaur, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Glory Road and The Haunted Mansion will offer Blu-Scape, which are exclusive high-definition short films inspired by the movies available only on BVHE Blu-ray Discs. These shorts are presented in 1080p and shot by renowned cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg."