Buena Vista is stepping up their support of Blu-ray across the board.

Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment (BVWHE) president Bob Chapek today announced BVWHE's next wave of Blu-ray Disc titles including the first day-and-date with DVD new release title -- Walt Disney Pictures' Invincible (December 19) -- as well as the first 50GB Blu-ray Disc titles available from the studio, Touchstone Pictures' Enemy of the State, Flightplan (both November 21) and Pearl Harbor (December 19). These titles continue BVWHE's ongoing release strategy for Blu-ray Disc titles. Most Blu-ray titles from BVWHE will be available for $34.99 SRP.

Commenting on the announcement, Chapek stated, "As the Blu-ray technology continues to infuse our industry with robust growth, BVWHE is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the format with the release of our first 50GB titles. We have seen the future and it is here -- the digital age is upon us and Blu-ray is the format consumers have embraced for their entertainment choice."

Invincible marks the first day-and-date title from BVWHE on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Both editions' bonus features will include Becoming Invincible: The Story of Vince Papale and two Audio Commentaries, the first with Vince Papale, Producer Mark Ciardi and writer Brad Gann; the second with director Ericson Core and editor Jerry Greenberg. Invincible Blu-ray Disc includes an exclusive high-definition featurette "Recreating the Vet."

Enemy of the State, Flightplan and Pearl Harbor mark the first 50GB titles from BVWHE on Blu-ray Disc. Enemy of the State bonus materials will include original DVD features Deleted Scenes, Making of Enemy of the State, All Access: The Showdown, Theatrical Trailer and Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase; Flightplan will include original DVD features Audio Commentary, Emergency Landing: Visual Effects, Cabin Pressure: Designing The Aalto E-474 and Blu-ray exclusives Movie Showcase and Blu-Scape "Jet Stream"; and Pearl Harbor bonus materials will include original DVD features Journey To The Screen: The Making of Pearl Harbor, Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor, Theatrical Trailer, Teaser Trailer, Music Video: "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill and Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase.

Chapek continued "The amazing presentation of Pearl Harbor and Enemy of the State on 50GB Blu-ray Disc delivers astonishing high-definition picture and theatre-quality sound. As we delve into the new world of Blu-ray, BVWHE will take full advantage of the extended capacity and bonus materials the 50GB disc allows."

BVWHE's Blu-ray titles feature advanced new menus offering seamless navigation and settings while the movie is still playing; dynamic and unparalleled, high-definition picture; new layering coating technology which provides a scratch resistance surface; Movie Showcase which highlights the most impressive high definition picture and sound moments on the disc; and new sleek packaging. Other Disney Blu-ray feature technologies being developed include unparalleled interactive features; personalized chapter selections; and compelling online content, including web connectivity, which will allow users to connect to live events hosted by the studio and more.

Additional BVWHE Blu-ray Disc titles available on November 21 include Touchstone Pictures' Annapolis with bonus features to include Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary and Movie Showcase; Goal! The Dream Begins will feature Audio Commentary, Movie Showcase and Behind The Pitch; and Walt Disney Pictures' Sky High will feature Movie Showcase, Alternate Opening, Welcome to Sky High, Breaking Down the Walls: The Stunts of Sky High, and The Wild will feature Movie Showcase, Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary, "Real Wild Child" Music Video by Everlife, Eddie Izzard Unleashed and Meet Colin: The Rock Hyrax.

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