A former child star from the '90s is in trouble with the law, as The Little Rascals actor Brandon "Bug" Hall was recently arrested. Perhaps best known for playing Alfalfa in the 1994 movie adaptation of the classic comedy series, Hall was reportedly arrested over the weekend at a hotel in Weatherford, Texas for allegedly huffing multiple air duster cans. The actor's mugshot has since been released online, and needless to say, it's really strange to see the grown-up version of the kid with a cowlick wearing prison garb from behind bars.

According to TMZ, officers were performing a welfare check on Bug Hallafter one of his family members called the police for somebody to check on him. Believing they were responding to a possible overdose, officers arrived at Hall's room and were greeted at the door by the Little Rascals star. They then observed "a TON of air duster cans -- used for keyboards -- all over the room." Hall then reportedly admitted to inhaling from the cans and was arrested on the spot for misdemeanor possession for use to inhale or ingest a volatile chemical. He is said to have been cooperative with the arresting officers.

Hall made his film debut as a child actor in the 1994 movie version of The Little Rascals, starring in the lead role of Alfalfa. Known for his cowlick and his singing voice, the character is among the most memorable of the franchise and one whose name most fans will easily remember. For his performance, Hall won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a Motion Picture, along with five other members of the cast. More recently, Hall would return to the franchise by appearing as an ice cream man in the straight-to-video movie adaptation The Little Rascals Save the Day.

As a child star, Hall appeared in many other movies during the 1990s. After The Little Rascals, he'd appear in the John Landis comedy The Stupids and in the soccer movie The Big Green. He would also play the new Eddie Munster in the Fox special The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas, which would earn him a nomination for Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Made For TV Movie at the YoungStar Awards. As he got older, Hall would also appear in more recent movies like American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, Atlas Shrugged: Part II, and The Shadow People. The actor has had a vast variety of television roles as well.

Those familiar with the act of huffing will know that this method of "getting high" is even more dangerous than it is illegal, and there's a good chance the responding officers could have discovered a much more deadly scene when checking on Hall. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, inhalant abuse leads to up to 200 deaths in the United States each year. Hopefully, the arrest will help to serve as a wakeup call for Hall so he can get the help that he needs before it's too late. This news was first reported by TMZ.