The Good

Yet another action film makes it's way to Blu-ray disc.

The Bad

I just can't figure out why Seann William Scott's career hasn't taken off more?

A nameless monk (Chow Yun-Fat) has to find someone to guard a scroll that gives those who have it great powers. The monk comes across Kar (Seann William Scott) and it turns out that he will be the new guardian of this mythic scroll. The monk sets about trying to educate Kar about the ways that monks live, as well as about the power of the scroll, but they soon realize that there is somebody else who wants it. This is when Bad Girl (Jaime King) enters the picture and now Kar and the nameless monk have another addition to their fighting squadron. What ensues are scenes that are meant to mix martial arts with comedy and depending on your predisposition to such things that may or may not happen. Bulletproof Monk is the kind of film that does its level best to be anything and everything it can to its viewers. At times it plays as funny for the sake of being funny, and at other times it seems like it wants to be more than that.

Bulletproof Monk is solidly entertaining and sometimes funny, action/comedy. I know that the braintrust behind this film (and believe me it probably was a braintrust/committee) most likely figured that they could duplicate the success of the Rush Hour franchise, but when dealing with Scott and Yun-fat it seems like something was definitely lost in translation.


No Extras came with this release which is odd because I hear that other releases contain a decent amount of stuff.


Aspect Ratio - 1080p HD. Bulletproof Monk looked quite sharp on this release. There are a lot of colors in the movie and they all seem to get their moment in the sun. There is a richness to the frame composition that plays to good effect here. I will admit that I wondered why a pretty run of the mill action film needed this but I guess it's an extra perk on this release that I will gladly take.


English DTS HD 5.1. Again, the creators of this Blu-ray disc deserve some kudos for how they pull us into the film. The sound, in some ways more than the action being put across on screen, works to greater effect in terms of grabbing us into this story. I have heard some people say that it felt like the bullets were zooming through the room they were watching this movie in. I certainly wouldn't go that far in describing the audio but I do think that things sounded pretty strong here overall.


Looking like a sequel to Hard Boiled, Chow Yun-Fat stands on the front of this Blu-ray disc with both guns drawn as Scott and King stand behind him. The back gives us the usual assortment of motion picture images, a description of what this movie is about and of course, system specs.

Final Word

Why hasn't Seann William Scott's career blossomed more?

Is it because of his choice of roles? Is there not much more to him than the Stifler character that he immortalized in the American Pie films? Personally, I think this actor probably has a lot of talent. He certainly can do comedy but what about the rest of the package? What would happen if he did a drama? Is he destined to follow the career of someone like James Van Der Beek, who doesn't seem to be able to shake the early success he experienced on Dawson's Creek? It's funny because I write this review knowing that Scott's next movie Mr. Woodcock has been delayed numerous times. His career seemed like such a sure thing, I can't help but wondering how it ended up getting stalled.

What does this have to do with Bulletproof Monk? Well, I think that when you watch this film you will see the reason why so many people thought this guy was going to be such a big star. He's young and there's still time but getting to see a marginal action movie as clear as possible in the next gen format isn't helping his cause.

Bulletproof Monk was released March 28, 2003.