Burger King has introduced Scary Black Cherry slushies to celebrate Halloween this year. The fast food chain has given out Halloween Whoppers in the past, which had creepy looking black buns. The same type of bun is used at the Jurassic World café in Japan. The idea came about from watching Japan use squid ink and bamboo charcoal to make black hamburger buns, black cheese, and black ketchup. Now, Burger King is back in action, delivering the new slushies that have been frightening patrons for some weird side effects.

The Scary Black Cherry slushies are made up of frozen Fanta soda. The gothic sugary beverage is currently available and will be for the rest of the month, so don't fear. While the black drink is available, it should be warned that it will cause your tongue to turn black. But even weirder is what it does in the restroom. Without getting too graphic, Burger King patrons have reported some interesting side effects when using the bathroom the day after consuming the Scary Black Cherry slushies. So no, you're not dying, you just took down a lot of sugar and food coloring.

Burger King loves to get in on the Halloween spirit. Last year, the popular fast food chain offered free Whoppers to patrons who came in dressed as a scary clown, trolling McDonald's in the process. McDonald's didn't fare too well with the breakout success of Andres Muschietti's big screen adaptation of IT, which led Ronald McDonald to go into hiding for a bit. Burger King enjoyed this fact and released a commercial promoting their Halloween Whopper special with an expert dig, "Come as a clown, eat like a king."

Burger King never came out and directly said that they were trolling McDonald's, though it's abundantly clear that they were, especially after one look at the way that the clown is dressed in the commercial. One has to wonder if they'll take aim at Ronald McDonald again this year, or maybe choose another fast food competitor. When it comes to rivalries, it doesn't get much bigger than McDonald's vs. Burger King, though Ronald McDonald and friends really don't get in on any of the fun.

The Scary Black Cherry slushies with Fanta soda are only here for a limited time, so head over to Burger King to try a fun experiment with your body. Or, better yet, maybe play a trick on some unsuspecting friends who don't know about the colorful side effects of drinking the gothic beverage. While the idea is pretty cool, it would have been even cooler to see Burger King do the all black burger with black cheese and black ketchup. There's always next year. You can head over to Burger King to check out some images of the new drink and then order up some chicken strips and such as well.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick