Iron Man is posed to triumph this weekend when it opens, and it seems like Tony Stark's incredible armored suit can stand up to any possible foe. Or can it? According to Superhero Times, Burger King, one of the companies promoting the film, is coming under attack from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC).

The CCFC, who waged a similar campaign against Burger King during their promotion of Transformers, criticizes the burger chain for marketing a PG-13 rated movie to audiences too young to see it. According to the CCFC, commercials for Burger King's Iron Man Kids' meal have run during programming on Nickelodeon (a network for children) and the in-store promos amount to marketing the film.

The CCFC is urging Burger King to pull the Iron Man Kids' Meal. Burger King officials have not yet responded to these demands, although it should be noted that they refused to pull the Transformers Kids' Meal in 2007.