Principal photography began in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Buried Alive, the third of four films from Odd Lot Entertainment's genre shingle Dark Lot Entertainment.

SFX wizard, Bob Kurtzman (The Rage, Wishmaster, From Dusk Till Dawn) will direct Buried Alive, the story of a group of college friends, who stage a sorority prank and take two freshman to an abandoned ranch house deep in the deserted plains of a desert canyon. While most in the group think they are there to "initiate" the sorority pledges, one of the guys has a different agenda -- to find a buried treasure he believes his great-grandfather hid in the ranch house. However, when he starts to unearth the ground below the house, he really unearths a ghost with a vengeance. When one of their own turns up dead -- in pieces -- it becomes clear that hunting season isn't over.

Character actor Tobin Bell (Saw) plays Lester, a creepy, secretive grounds keeper at the ranch, who always seems to be lurking about at the most suspicious times. Terence Jay (Green Street Hooligans) plays Zane, the student on probation with a crush on his cousin Rene, played by newcomer Leah Rachel. Zane is the great grandson of the owner of the ranch and is dead set on finding his share of the family fortune.

Steve Sandvoss (Nip/Tuck) plays Danny, Rene's boyfriend, who finds himself caught up in this dark terror as the body count quickly increases.

Even with some subtle tips from the ever observant Lester, things seem to unravel quickly, and what was suppose to be a decadent and adventurous weekend, quickly turns into a terrible nightmare.

With Kurtzman directing from a script by T.Jay O'Brien (Simple Justice) and Art Monterastelli (The Hunted) and his prestigious company, Precinct 13, behind him, this unapologetic visceral thrill ride should shock and haunt even those who think they've seen-it-all.