The 2017 Halloween backlash for tasteless costumes continues, but this time the outrage is taking place in England. Retailers are getting slammed for selling a burnt zombie child costume after the tragic Grenfell Tower tragedy in June in which at least 80 people died, 18 of the victims being children. The news comes just days after work started to cover the haunting reminder of the many deaths and hundreds of people left homeless after the catastrophic blaze. Scaffolding is being set up along with white sheeting to hide it from public view.

More than 200 firefighters and 40 fire engines were involved in battling the blaze and it affected most floors of the building and destroyed 151 homes, both in the tower and surrounding areas. The fire started on the 4th floor and blazed on for hours, creeping up the side of the Grenfell Tower, trapping residents with many being burned alive, which is why the specific backlash is happening around the burnt zombie child Halloween costume that is currently being sold in England. Many see the costume in very poor taste since the fire wasn't even 5 months ago. And it doesn't help that the death toll hasn't been accurately reported following the California wildfires, which is also helping push the backlash.

Furious parents have slammed the firm for its insensitivity, with 99% of polled parents saying they would ban their child from wearing it. As retailers unveil their Halloween costumes this week, the annual study from parenting site showed two thirds of parents now claim some Halloween costumes are 'too frightening' for young children, up from just 48% last year. The burnt zombie child costume did come around at an unfortunate time, as it was more than likely made without any harmful intent, but parents are still fighting to get the costume banned immediately.

The banning of the costume comes at a time where there are quite a few new costumes for Halloween 2017 that have caught negative attention. An Anne Frank costume was being sold for a short amount of time and has since been taken down due to the controversy that it received. Another costume that is catching fire right now is the "sexy" Eleven from Stranger Things costume. Many believe that it is sexualizing a minor and are demanding that the costume gets taken from the web. And finally, there's a new costume that is said to be modeled after Pink Floyd's The Wall record, but many believe that it's a direct reference to Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

2017 Halloween costumes seem to be trying a little too hard this time around and sparking controversy left and right. Regardless, it seems really hard to do much of anything these days without offending someone, so might as well go big or go home. You can read more about the burnt zombie child costume and other offensive Halloween costumes via the Mirror U.K..

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick