Burt Lancaster, anyone?

DVD enthusiasts will enjoy action, mystery, romance and more when Warner Home Video releases Burt Lancaster The Signature Collection on DVD on October 23. The collection will be available for $49.92 SRP, single titles for $19.97 SRP.

The all-new Signature Collection follows Lancaster throughout his career in five films from 1950 through 1973. In Executive Action, Lancaster explores a powerful What If? conspiracy thriller and in The Flame and Arrow, he flashes his trademark grin as a Hollywood swashbuckler.

Sun-blessed Fiji locations shine in His Majesty O'Keefe and laughs galore are abound in South Sea Woman. In Jim Thorpe - All American Lancaster plays a Native American who confronts poverty and prejudice en route to athletic glory - and almost single-handedly puts professional football on the sports map.

DVD Features:

- Oscar-nominated vintage shorts

- Vintage featurettes

- Classic cartoons