Ever been on a party bus? Sometimes they can literally be Hell. A new movie has arrived to take that conceit into the stratosphere. Today, we have a special look at Bus Party to Hell. And it looks like a satanic blast.

Tara Reid makes her next stop on the road to cult infamy with Bus Party to Hell. Yes, the girl that revived her flailing career with infinite Sharknado sequels is back and ready to party like it's 1999, which is, oddly enough, the year she made her break through in American Pie, before becoming the infamous party girl of Hollywood. Now, she puts all those skills she learned to great use headlining a movie about a satantic trip into the bowels of the dusty desert. There's no looking back after this.

Bus Party to Hell is arriving just in time for your spring break. And for all you cheap-os out there with lame parents who won't let you fall under the spell of Lake Havasu or Fort Lauderdale, you can rest easy knowing this bash is just a few finger clicks away, as it arrives on VOD, DVD and in select theaters April 13.

Joining Tara Reid for the ride is Sadie Katz as a mysterious party girl, and hot newcomer Richard Hochman, who plays the heroic Alan. In the movie, a party bus en route to Burning Man breaks down in the middle of the desert among a satanic cult. A massacre leaves survivors trapped on the bus, fighting for their lives and panicked that someone is not what he seems. But they rarely ever are, right?

Director Rolfe Kanefsky is a madman behind the lens, as he has 27 directing credits under his belt since getting his start way back in the 90s. He's made three Emmanuelle Through Time movies, so you know you're in good hands here. He's also the guy responsible for such movies as Today is Yesterday Tomorrow and The Black Room. He's even moved onto his next two features already, with Sunset Society completed and Art of the Dead currently in post-production.

Sadie Katz is a triple threat Actress, WGA writer and Director who has been on the scene since 2005. She has appeared in countless cult masterpieces such as Nipples & Palm Trees, House of Bad and Scorned. She showed up in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort and has eleven more movies on the way in the nearing months. She's a true powerhouse, and that is on display in Bus Party to Hell.

We have the exciting new Bus Party from Hell trailer to share with you direct from Gravitas Features along with a burning poster that will likely cause heartburn in the uninitiated. Bus Party to Hell looks like it will earn a place on the shelf right in-between The Big Lebowski and Sharknado. Take the ride if you dare!

<strong><em>Bus Party to Hell</em></strong>

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B. Alan Orange