Screenwriter Matt Cook has signed on to rewrite Button Man: The Killing Game for DreamWorks Pictures. We reported in June that director Nicolas Winding Refn is directing the graphic novel adaptation.

The story is based on John Wagner and Arthur Ranson's graphic novel about a group of millionaires who play a dangerous game for fun, where they set their own hired guns against one another. The plot follows Harry Exton, one of the pawns in this game who decides he's had enough. He soon realizes that he not only will have to kill his fellow contestants, but the wealthy men pulling all the strings to get out alive.

Hillary Seitz (Insomnia, Eagle Eye) and Barry Levy (Paranoia, Vantage Point) previously worked on the screenplay. Roger Kass, Josh Braun, Mark Sourian and Michael De Luca, Mark Sourian, and Michael De Luca are producing.

Matt Cook made the Black List in 2009 with his screenplay By Way of Helena, which has Kieran Darcy-Smith attached to direct.