The Cannibal genre is an odd one. You're either with it or against it, and that all depends on your taste for quality meat. Most vegans will surely turn away in disgust. But if you like your steaks raw and with very little seasoning, then boy, do we have a tasty horror treat for you. Today, we have the first trailer for Buzzard Hollow Beef.

On the surface it looks like your standard Hills Have Eyes knock-off. But there is something much more sinister lurking under this tale of a family who experiences vivid hallucinations at a special dinner. They soon come to believe that they've been poisoned by the local cannibalistic hillbillies who are hunting them for a fresh food supply. Our own reviewer Evan 'Mushy' Jacobs recently got invited to an old barn out in the middle of nowhere to watch the soon-to-be indie horror classic on an old tube television in a barn far removed from the comforts of modern living. He had this to say about the experience in his recent review for Buzzard Hollow Beef.

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"Buzzard Hollow Beef has some fairly disgusting imagery. It's a horror movie that is as odd as it is terrifying. Amidst the scenes of gore, crafty dialogue, and random shots of meat that most viewers will be familiar with, there is also imagery of childbirth and babies that is downright disturbing. In fact, Buzzard Hollow Beef so oddly recalls 1980's Motel Hell, it is as if these films are somehow related through decades of horror movie synergy and fandom. Just know that Buzzard Hollow Beef seems very intent on subverting what we know horror movies to be. The film has solidly done visuals, a very strong cast, good dialogue, an odd but refreshing soundtrack and very firm direction. It starts off as one thing, slowly becomes another, but in the end it gives a very satisfying conclusion. Is the most audacious horror movie that's ever been lensed?"

Those who are tired of watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles on Thanksgiving have a whole new classic to look forward to every year. Especially when it comes to those families who like their beef instead of bird. The movie was co-written by husband and wife team Joshua M. Johnson and Tara C. Hall, with the movie marking Johnson's directorial debut, and after watching this trailer, we're not sure that we'd want to be invited over to their house for dinner. Johnson was recently interviewed by SearchMyTrash about his cannibal opus. He claims he's never really had any beef with Turkey day. But says this about the mysterious origins of Buzzard Hollow Beef.

"I don't have any bad memories of Turkey Day, but this story does come from a specific time when I visited a small town in North Carolina with my wife and 6 month-old daughter. The locals knew just by looking at us that we were outsiders in their town and at times someone would actually call me out for being a "Yankee". I thought there's a good horror movie going on here. One lady stopped my wife and me in the street so she could see our baby. Then she got real quiet and said, "don't let anyone touch your baby." That was hella creepy and I loved it. Anyways, I just felt that everyone was so frightened of speaking with each other. There is a definite distrust between rural folks and urban folks in the USA and I wanted that to be shown or explored. Also, I spent a lot of time in Portland, OR, and the food culture there can be overly political. When you have a baby you get a lot of unsolicited advice about everything and food is a big part of that. I wanted to make a statement about food and the politics behind it. It's another thing that divides us. People are paranoid about what they eat and what others eat. I don't think I'm better than anyone because of what I eat, I eat junk food, but I certainly don't push it on people's babies and I don't say, you have to breast feed your baby either. It's not a political movie at all, but I just thought it would be neat to show how far that paranoia could go."

And apparently that paranoia is pushed pretty far in Buzzard Hollow Beef. You can get your first taste of this low-budget creeper here. It certainly is making us hungry. Though, we're on a super cleanse and aren't allowed to eat meat right now. And let me tell you, I'd certainly eat some of the human flesh on display here if you sat it down in front me right now!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange