Hopefully you're not serving human flesh for Thanksgiving dinner. But for some, that's a time honored tradition. And the ritual is explored in the horrific new horror thriller Buzzard Hollow Beef. We brought you an early look at this bloody affair this past summer. But now Multicom Entertainment has picked up the distribution rights to the movie, and it will be served up on a plate just in time for the holiday. Just save your viewings for after dinner, as what you are about to witness will certainly make you lose your appetite.

We reviewed Buzzard Hollow Beef when it first hit the horror circuit, with its husband and wife duo making the festival rounds. So our own Evan Jacobs is getting quoted in the press release that was sent out this morning. Here's what the official word is on the release of Buzzard Hollow Beef.

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"Multicom Entertainment serves up Buzzard Hollow Beef, a movie that Movieweb's Evan Jacobs calls ' . . . a gory, teeth-gnashing cannibal classic' just in time for all your family gatherings. Directed by Joshua M. Johnson and co-written by Johnson and Tara C. Hall, the psychedelic horror film follows a family, who after experiencing vivid hallucinations at their holiday meal, believe that they have been poisoned by cannibalistic hillbillies."


Multicom is dropping Buzzard Hollow Beef on Amazon Prime (available here), iTunes, and other transactional platforms today, Tuesday, November 21st, to kick off the holiday season.  Still reeling from her divorce and struggling as the single mother of a 9 month old, Jordan Vollmer looks forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with her family and her best friend, Paige. As the group ventures into the small town of Buzzard Hollow, they are greeted with strange and unsavory characters, known around these parts as the Solomon family.  Their suspicions surrounding the Solomons are aroused by the fact that they all seem unwilling to talk about the beef that they serve in their hamburgers and sell in their butcher shop.  When the Vollmers experience horrifying hallucinations, they begin to suspect that the Solomons are somehow involved.

Buzzard Hollow Beef stars Bruce Jennings, Nadia Kamil, Scott C. Brown, Emily Letts, Janet Chiarabaglio, Amanda Spinella, Will Frazier, and Gabriel Caste. It also features a breakout role from Doug Perkins, who was first seen as a supporting player on Comedy Central's The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman. He also served as a writer on the popular series Scare Tactics. And he has already become a popular presence at several horror cons, with fans lining up to get autographs and experience the 'Power of Doug'.

Also gaining a lot of 'buzz' is the filmmaking team of Josh Johnson and Tara C. Hall who collaborate to make their first feature film here. The married pair have been working in Hollywood for a number of years, and have worked on a number of short films. Their work together on Buzzard Hollow Beef is creating a lot of excitement around horror circles, and word is that they are already well into planning their second feature film with details to come soon. So grab a fork and get ready to tear into what is well on its way to becoming one of the classics in the cannibal horror sub-genre that, quite frankly, just doesn't have enough movies to go around. You needed something to watch on Thanksgiving night? Here you go, courtesy of Multicom.

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