Though tons of amateur on-set photos have immerged from the Los Anegles based shoot for Marc Webb's upcoming Untitled Spider-Man Reboot, the actors themselves are not allowed to take any pictures. Which has been a disappointment to cast member C. Thomas Howell, who has found himself in awe of his surroundings everyday he is in front of the camera.

The actor recently took a moment out of his busy schedule, which finds him shooting both Spider-Man 2.0 and Southland simultaneously, to chat about his upcoming appearance in the highly anticipated remake of everyone's favorite web-slinger.

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C. Thomas Howell isn't allowed to reveal who his character is at the moment. But he did have this to say.

"(It's) not a major role, but it is a poignant, important role. I had to sign, basically, a bible about not expressing anything, not talking about details. It's understandable they want to keep things secret. There's so much money in it. It's so hard keeping the iPhone out of my pocket on the set, when I want to take photos left and right. The other night, we were on the back lot of Universal, and they had it dressed up to be downtown New York, with steam coming up out of the ground and cabs crowding the street. You'd never have guessed you weren't in New York City. I felt like a kid in the ultimate playground."

After a few years out of the limelight, C. Thomas Howell has found himself once again in demand as an actor. So much so that he couldn't appear at his son's school to talk about his earlier career.

"My son, who is in eighth grade now - his class is reading 'The Outsiders,' and one of his teachers asked me to come speak about the experience of playing Ponyboy. Of course, my son said, 'Dad, you're not coming!' (But) with 'Spider-Man,' I'm now the coolest thing in the world. They're all fans of superhero movies. I know they go to school and say, 'My dad's in the 'Spider-Man' movie."

C. Thomas Howell also talked about juggling two of the best jobs he's had in a long time.

"'Southland' has been real accommodating. This week will be the end of shooting for the 10 episodes this season, and I'll go back to 'Spider-Man' after that."

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B. Alan Orange