/batman-v-superman-the-dark-knight-meets-r2d2-in-new-photo/After sending out two different Tweets featuring a 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice meets Star Wars' mash-up, director Zack Snyder has finally gotten a response from Bad Robot, the production house behind the impending Star Wars: Episode VII. The folks at Bad Robot have dressed iconic droid C3PO up as The Dark Knight, and turned the bat symbol into the Rebel insignia logo. Take a look:

C3PO is the Dark Knight

It's still unclear what Zack Snyder's intentions where when he first tweeted out the 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice meets Star Wars' photos. Maybe it was merely to get this response, which is well worth it for fans (we love this picture)! You can check out Zack Snyder's original Tweets here, which show Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leading man Henry Cavill not only wearing his Superman costume, but also a black cloak and wielding a red lightsaber. The second one has the Dark Knight meeting R2-D2 in the desert.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange