The TV spots for Cabin Fever feature some incredibly kind words from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. They say something along the lines of this movie being the movie that horror fans have been waiting years for. Sorry Mr. Jackson, no it really isn't. I don't know how a guy can have such horrible taste in movies and yet make some amazing movies himself. Quite an anomaly, eh?

This movie doesn't get any brownie points for originality, seeing the premise, and even the subplots have been used in a zillion and four movies before it. I did, however enjoy the opening credit sequence, which gives us a nice segue into the flesh-eating virus that the kids are running from. For everything they do wrong in this movie, the one big thing they got right was the soundtrack. They scored the movie in perfect horror fashion, using the music to add tension and suspense, even though everything else in the movie is horrendous.

Cabin Fever features a bunch of actors who you might recognize, but probably couldn't name. Rider Strong was in the teenybopper TV show "Boy Meets World," Joey Kern was one of the stoner kids in last year's Super Troopers and most recently he was great as Sweet Lou in this year's skateboarding comedy Grind. Cerina Vincent showed us her stuff in more ways than one as the girl who walks around naked the whole time in Not Another Teen Movie and James DeBello has given us comic relief as Trip in Detroit Rock City. These aren't exactly the collective resume's of master actor's here. Kern turns in a pretty solid performance, as does DeBello, but everyone else gives some pretty crap-tacular performances.

Horror movies are supposed to be, you know, scary. This movie is as scary as my big toe. It has enough gore, mind you, with as much bloody parts as any movie I've seen in awhile, but it's basically just gore for the sake of gore, without any semblance of an entertaining story, or even good acting, to back it up. They threw in the normal horror-movie staples of nudity and sex, just for the sake of the genre, but if you saw Not Another Teen Movie, it's nothing you really haven't seen before.

They also tried to use humor here, but none of it really worked, especially at the very end which was one of the most inane, and badly-timed uses of humor I've ever seen in a movie. It was as if the director though to himself "Hey, this is a really really bad movie I'm making, so I might as well throw some humor in at the end." It's just

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