Movie and TV show themed restaurants have really hit their stride over the last couple of years, but these fine dining establishments are usually set up by fans or corporations associated with the studio responsible for said movie or TV show. Now, one comedy legend is getting in on the act with his own restaurant and bar, and it will pay homage to what some consider his greatest comedic creation.

Yes, it's true. Bill Murray and his less famous brothers have united to open a Caddyshack themed bar and restaurant just north of Chicago, birthplace of Murray as a comedian. Murray's role in Caddyshack was one of his first, and now he is paying tribute to his memorable groundskeeper with this fine dining establishment.

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Murray is opening the eatery alongside one of his many brothers, Brain Doyle Murray, who co-wrote Caddyshack along with Harold Ramis and National Lampoon writer Douglas Kenney. They chose Rosemont, IL. as the site of their new business. Other Murray brothers joining in on the fun include Brian Murray, Joel Murray and John Murray, all actors, as well as Andy Murray, who is a Chef, and financial executive Ed Murray.

The Caddyshack restaurant will be opening inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which sits directly in the heart of the busy section of Rosemont. And it's just a stone's throw away from the O'Hare International Airport. The place is sure to see plenty of foot traffic, and it is surrounded by a shopping district and other big restaurants. As of now, the Murray brothers are working under a verbal agreement. They have a 11,000-square-foot space to work with inside the hotel. The lease is currently being written up.

The Rosemont MB Financial Park entertainment district was supposed to be home to the Caddyshack restaurant. Mayor Brad Stephens eventually turned down the Murray brothers, stating that there just wasn't a slot open for them. Their eventual resting place may work out better, as it won't be hurting for tourists.

This won't be the first Caddyshack restaurant. The World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida opened one up way back in 2001. It's lovingly referred too as the Murray Bros. Caddy Shack, or MBC Shack. You can visit there official website here. There are plenty of fun photos to look at and a menu to peruse. It will give you a nice idea of what to expect with this next establishment.