Caddyshack star Michael O'Keefe has offered up his caddying services to the U.S. Open. The 65-year old actor has a lot of experience in the world of golf, which extends (sort of) well past the 1980 comedy. While he lied about his golfing experience to get the part in the movie, he did have some caddying experience back in the early 1970s at the Winged Foot golf course in Westchester, New York. Now, he wants to show off those caddying skills one more time.

Michael O'Keefe played Danny Noonan in Caddyshack, who worked as a caddie at the exclusive (and fictional) Bushwood Country Club in order to earn enough money to go to college. He serves as Ty Webb's Chevy Chase caddie in the movie before going on to golf on his own. The comedy classic is still quoted in pop culture to this day, thanks to the performances of O'Keefe, Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray and one very sly Gopher. O'Keefe is hoping that this will help him get on the U.S. Open to caddie for a pro or amateur golfer.

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Michael O'Keefe says, "Now, almost a half-century later, I'm ready to take my caddying to the next level. I'm serving notice that I'm available for, interested in and worthy of carrying a bag for any professional (or amateur) in the field at this year's U.S. Open." He continues, "Why now? If not now, I may never have another chance! I'm 65 and not getting any younger, though my wife tells me I'm still devilishly handsome." The actor goes on to list some more of his qualifications for the gig, though not all of them are really all that positive.

When it comes down to it, Michael O'Keefe wants to be a role model for his 7-year old son, Aidan. He says, "I want Aidan to see me being of service to someone else. In America, we are way too concerned with being number one, winning the trophy, getting the girl, making it big!" O'Keefe went on to state, "I want my son to know that sometimes it's better to be in the supporting role, the one who helps someone else realize his or her dream." This certainly sounds like something Danny Noonan would want to pass on to his son one day.

Caddyshack may be the only qualification that Michael O'Keefe really needs to get the gig. It doesn't sound like he's terribly good at being a caddie, but he seems to know the course well and knows what it takes to win while the world is rooting against you. As to whether or not any golfers on the U.S. Open is anybody's guess, but he's gunning for the job to teach his son an important life lesson, while having some fun at the same time. You can head over to to read O'Keefe's qualifications and get his contact information.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick