A restaurant in North Texas has recently come under fire for using pictures of Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner (before and after transition) for the female and male bathrooms, respectively. Some have taken to social media to blast the restaurant for being transphobic, including a Dallas news reporter, Dom DiFurio who says that many people don't appreciate the joke. DiFurio's social media followers said the posters stigmatize transgender women and think the restaurant's decision to poke fun at Jenner came in poor taste, while some feel that the pictures aren't a big deal at all.

The women's bathroom featured a photo of Caitlyn Jenner, 68, on the cover of Vanity Fair. The door of the men's facilities has a picture of the former athlete, Bruce Jenner, at the 1976 Summer Olympics, before she came out as transgender. The pre and post transition photos were teased in a Facebook post by the establishment welcoming the "newest members" of their crew. The pictures of Jenner have been up at the restaurant for several months, but this is the first time that negativity has been publicly acknowledged.

Dom DiFurio says that the establishment's location is in a "conservative bastion of north Texas," which could explain their decision, but doesn't exactly excuse it as many have pointed out. What reportedly left people so angry over the bathroom door posters is how they use Caitlyn Jenner as a transgender person to designate gender, focusing on her external, biological appearance as opposed to how she feels and has felt for years on the inside. The restaurant obviously doesn't feel that way and thinks that it's all a joke and not that big of a deal.

Many were quick to defend the Allen, Texas establishment on Facebook and Twitter, suggesting that the use of Jenner's images was merely a joke. The restaurant has been praised for its authentic Cajun food and many say that people shouldn't use the bathroom there if they are that easily offended. Others called the photos "hilarious." One particularly unfazed Twitter user wrote, "No tranny's were hurt in making these pictures." Another Twitter user said, "Technically they should have put both pictures on the men's room". The owner of the restaurant is currently celebrating all of the media attention and does not plan on taking the Caitlyn Jenner bathroom pictures down.

In other Caitlyn Jenner news, the former athlete says that she has no interest in dating at this time after reports began circulating that she was dating. Jenner has said that she wants to take this time and focus on other things at the moment. Jenner has said in the past that she feels that dating would put too much public scrutiny on whoever she was dating. Caitlyn Jenner has not made a statement about the Texas restaurant and it's more than likely that she will not make a comment on it at all. Check out the restaurant in question and their Caitlyn Jenner bathroom doors below, courtesy of Dom DiFurio's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick