Call Me by Your Name is out in theaters and has a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding it. But Corey Feldman and others are calling out the new movie for glamorizing pedophilia. Rolling Stone magazine has called it the, "most romantic movie of the year," while the New Yorker calls it an "erotic triumph, emotionally acute and overwhelmingly sensual." Call Me by Your Name is a romantic tale about the awakening of homosexual desire in and between a 24-year old man and a 17- year old teenager whose relationship sparks homoeroticism and flirtation, which then turns romantic and sexual. Does the movie promote pedophilia?

Actor Corey Feldman, who has started a campaign to stop a Hollywood pedophile ring, called out Call Me by Your Name for promoting pedophilia. Feldman responded on Twitter to another user who claims that the movie does not contain "grooming" for pedophilia. Feldman had this to say.

"Really? Hav U seen it? What's it about then? How do U justify a grown man starting a relationship w someone's child?"

Corey Feldman went on to say that the mainstream media is "glamorizing" pedophilia by promoting the movie, claiming that the same publications that call his Truth Campaign nonsense are being hypocritical. Feldman has been hashtagging his social media, "preserve innocence" and one can understand why he might be a little upset about the subject of the movie.

Call me By Your Name takes place in Italy in 1983 where the age of consent was and still is 14-years old, which still brings up strong political debates about whether the consent law is still appropriate. Additionally, the United States has a few areas where the age of consent is 16-years old, which has also seen some controversy over the last 20 years. While the story is controversial from an age standpoint, it has also come out in a time where the general public is seeing news of sexual misconduct come up every day as if it's a weather report, heightening awareness to scandals that many didn't even know existed until now.

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After the Harvey Weinstein allegations became public in early October, many men in power have had accusations of sexual misconduct thrown their way. One of the more higher profile and shocking of these stories are the allegations towards actor Kevin Spacey. Spacey has been accused of sexually harassing a 14-year old Anthony Rapp and many other allegations from younger men have been coming out. The public outcry has cost Kevin Spacey his career and many see the release of Call Me by Your Name to be bad timing.

Actor Armie Hammer has been quick to defend the movie on social media and during interviews, most famously when veteran actor James Woods called the movie out for promoting pedophilia, to which Hammer simply asked him about dating a 19-year old when he was 60. Hammer has also called out people for talking trash on Call Me by Your Name, informing them that the age of consent in their state is actually 16-years old. Armie Hammer has since deleted his Twitter account. This is a touchy subject and one can see by both sides why feelings may be hurt.

Louis C.K., who recently admitted to a number of sexual misconduct allegations, was in the midst of releasing his movie I Love You Daddy when news of his bad behavior broke. Netflix, FX and HBO all canceled his projects, removing his currently airing shows from the air. Orchard also dropped I Love You, Daddy from release just as it was set to hit select theaters. The movie is similar to that of Call Me By Your Name. It also follows the relationship between a 17 year old and a much older man. Only in this case, the 17 year old is a girl, played by Chloe Moretz. Many have scrutinized that storyline as well, perhaps more so than Call Me By Your Name. And it is no longer being distributed as planned. Though, Louis C.K. has hinted that he may release it on his own.

You can check out some of the criticism of Call Be By Your Name courtesy of Corey Feldman's Twitter account. The makers behind the documentary An Open Secret, which exposes child sexual abuse in Hollywood has also been slamming the movie for its glorifying pedophilia and grooming techniques. The movie currently has a 98% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. And is being hailed as an erotic masterpiece.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
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