The long talked about Call of Duty movie may be getting Sicario 2 director Stefano Sollima. A new report suggests that Sollima is currently in negotiations with Activision Blizzard Studios to helm the project based on the best-selling first-person shooter video game. Activision Blizzard Studios' presidents Stacey Sher and Nick van Dyk are producing the Call of Duty movie and the duo believe that the franchise will be able to rival Marvel in terms of popularity and success and they plan on making multiple films.

The news of the possibility of Stefano Sollima taking on the Call of Duty movie is huge, and it looks as if the ball is starting to get rolling for the project. The Call of Duty movie was first announced in November of 2015 by Activision Blizzard Studios. Additionally, it was also announced that the goal was to make a cinematic universe out of the massively popular video game series that began in 2003. The initial announcement aimed to have the movie out by 2018 or 2019 and it seems that the latter will be the best bet.

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There are currently 14 games in the Call of Duty franchise, all of which deal with different time periods and wars. The first game was based off of World War II and was heavily praised upon its release for the revolutionary game play that highlighted a squad approach as opposed to the "lone wolf"- type of play. The game has gone on to blaze trails in the online multiplayer world, leading to many sequels that continue to push the envelope in terms of what multiplayer games can do.

There isn't much information pertaining to the Call of Duty movie at this time. Activision and Blizzard Studios presidents Stacy Sher and Nick van Dyk have both discussed how they were putting together a cinematic universe that will be inspired on the feel of the different versions of the multiplayer video game instead of going over already existing plots. It's not clear what time period the movie will start in, but it seems that they can pretty go anywhere within the lines of war. It will be interesting to see how Activision and Blizzard pull of what they intend to do with a Call of Duty cinematic universe.

Activision and Blizzard are not alone with trying to get a video game movie off of the ground. Nintendo is also currently making a Super Mario movie that will try and right the wrongs that started the perceived "video game movie curse." The Call of Duty franchise is huge and has been around for nearly 20 years, but is the name enough to get people into the movie theater to watch a series of movies about war? Stefano Sollima's involvement will go a long way in legitimizing a Call of Duty movie, so hopefully this report ends up as true. You can read more about the Call of Duty movie and Stefano Sollima's involvement over at Variety.