According to the The Independent, Titanic Director James Cameron is returning to feature films. With computer technology continuing to evolve, Cameron is setting his sites on another bold, sci-fi project.

Spurred on by Japanese graphic novels, he is beginning work on Battle Angel Alita, “a cyborg thriller set in the 26th century.” "It's going to be a mega-budget film shot in 3-D," Cameron states. "It's set in a post-human world in the distant future, and a number of the main characters will be computer-generated. It's a kind of virtual film-making. We're building a whole new motion-capture technology. I'm impatient to get on with using the tools of the future."

"The main thrust is a love story between a human man and a female cyborg,” he maintains, “and the film contains a range of characters from the fully human to the fully machine. I'm embracing the fact that human beings are amazingly adaptable. We've got a lot of flaws, but we're also pretty clever. We've got the tools, but can we use


Having been some years since his last film, it’s safe to say that the man who introduced The Terminator to the world, is already going to create a great deal of anticipation about his newest project.