Fans of Friday the 13th will soon have the chance to experience Camp Crystal Lake in real life. Crystal Lake Tours is currently offering tickets for experiences in New Jersey this spring. The various tours will let fans explore the actual filming location that was used for the original slasher classic. These experiences range from a guided walking tour to a full-on hours long experience leading into a night at the camp.

Crystal Lake Tours currently has tickets available for experiences beginning in mid-April. The experiences include Morning Lakefront Tours, Afternoon Extended Tours, Afternoon Canoe Tours and Evening Flashlight Tours. The most inclusive package offered is the Evening Fan Tours With Fan Favorite Activity. Per the company's website, here's what that entails.

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"These tour sessions are the perfect fit! The extended tour session takes you on the full tour loop and includes all filming locations. These tours start out in the daylight and finish up in the dark - just like the movie! Bring along a flashlight as it will be dark when your tour ends. These tour sessions include a special fan favorite activity at our famous waterfront following the tour - please bring along a comfortable camp chair (and a blanket in cooler weather). This session includes special gifts (approximately $35 value).

1980's Friday the 13th, which introduced the world to Jason Voorhees (albeit in a brief cameo at the end before he became the face of the franchise) was filmed at an actual Boy Scout camp, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. Located in Hardwick, New Jersey, it has since become a haven for horror fans. Since it is an active Boy Scout camp, fans can't just wander the grounds as they please. But these ticketed experiences give horror lovers the chance to set foot on Jason's stomping grounds.

The company offers guided tours, canoeing excursions, celebrity reunions, movie screenings and more. Over the years, Crystal Lake Tours has hosted events with guests such as Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor, Ari Lehman, Robbi Morgan, Ron Millkie, Tom Savini, Taso Stavrakis and Harry Manfredini. In 2018, the company held an overnight experience, which was arguably the holy grail for Friday the 13th fans.

Meanwhile, the Friday the 13th franchise itself remains dormant. The last movie in the series was 2009's Friday the 13th remake. Ever since then, it's been a battle to get Jason and his machete back on the big screen. Much of this has to do with an ongoing legal battle involving original director Sean S. Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller. If the rights ever get sorted out, it's a safe bet that a new project will get moving in a hurry. But at this point, given how long this has all been dragged out, that may be a big if.

These various tour options range in price from between $89 and $179. Tickets tend to sell out, so those who are interested would be wise to jump on it sooner rather than later. Tours begin on April 16 and run through early June. Those who are interested in grabbing tickets before they're gone can head on over to