CamSoda wants San Diego Comic-Con to soldier on with their help. The popular adult site has offered up the use of their platform to stream the annual event into households all over the world. While this seems like an unlikely partnership, CamSoda has a massive amount of bandwidth and streaming knowledge to keep something as popular as Comic-Con up and running without a glitch. Comic-Con International announced the cancellation of this year's event last week, which is the first time in its long history that it has had to do so.

CamSoda reached out to Comic-Con International with an open letter. With the entertainment industry coming to a halt last month, it was pretty much inevitable that San Diego Comic-Con was not going to happen. However, that doesn't mean that the studios can't get a jump on the streaming band wagon, and CamSoda could help make that an easy reality. You can read part of the open letter to Comic-Con International below.

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"We have been closely following the discussion about whether or not to postpone this year's Comic-Con, and knowing the decision to cancel this year's event was a difficult one, we wanted to offer an alternative that will guarantee satisfaction for all those involved. At CamSoda, we're dedicated to helping those who have been affected... in every way possible, and we hate to see this iconic, annual pop culture celebration get cancelled. As a result, we'd like to formally offer Comic-Con the opportunity to stream its event on our site."

CamSoda's invite to Comic-Con International is not as random as it seems. While the site is known for its adult oriented material, they have been reaching out to musicians, comedians, and other entertainers to let them host and monetize on their site, all for free. The move has seen praise from many in the entertainment community as more and more people look for alternatives. In their open letter, CamSoda says, "We have a robust infrastructure already in place for large scale content streaming and would love to help keep this event on track with its initially planned programming and timing."

While Adult Entertainment and Comic-Con don't really mix, they really wouldn't have to. Comic-Con International could actually figure out a way to keep the event happening, while also making some money back at the same time, thanks to the technology that CamSoda uses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver adult content to its users. The crystal-clear streaming could be utilized by studios for virtual panels and trailer releases.

At the moment, the world is using Zoom and other streaming methods for business and entertainment. While it has been nice to see entertainers trying, it lacks a lot in the quality department, which CamSoda could potentially help rectify. If anything, Comic-Con International should be looking into ways to get a virtual event ready with studios so that all is not lost this summer. Plus, the fans will be hungry for just about anything they can get by the time late July rolls around. For now, we'll have to keep checking the official Comic-Con website for updates.