With a scheduled release date for next summer, the Jordan Peele-produced Candyman movie has set its shooting schedule. Reportedly, the shoot will take place in Chicago, Illinois beginning on August 20 with an expected end date of September 20. Co-written by Peele and his MonkeyPaw producing partner Win Rosenfield, the movie will be directed by Nia DaCosta (Little Woods). As of now, it's not known if the movie will be a complete reboot or if it will be a modern-day sequel to the originals, but it does have a story remarkably similar to the first movie from 1992.

What we do know about the new movie is that it will star Aquaman and Us actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in an undisclosed lead role, possibly as the new Candyman. Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield has also been reportedly cast as Anthony, an artist living in Chicago. With curiosity getting the best of him, Anthony looks into the urban legend known as Candyman, taking him into the last known whereabouts of the mysterious murderer. Of course, strange killings begin to occur soon after, which will undoubtedly tie into the legendary boogeyman. Also co-starring will be Empire star Teyonah Parris as Anthony's art-dealing girlfriend. More information about the story and cast is expected to become available as the project nears its scheduled shooting date.

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether we will see Tony Todd appear in the movie in some capacity. Of course, Todd is known to horror fans for playing the titular role of the sinister Candyman in the previous installments of the series. Recently, Todd tweeted he had spoken with Peele on the telephone about a possible appearance in the new movie. However, the actor has since tweeted he has yet to officially sign on, and his involvement is still up in the air. Because it's still unclear as to whether this will be an all-out reboot or a modern sequel of the originals, it's hard to say if Todd would be reprising the role or appearing in a special cameo appearance as another character.

Peele has made quite the transition with his career in entertainment. He first broke into fame on the sketch comedy series Mad TV, often portraying the most bizarre personas on the program. Along with fellow cast member Keegan-Michael Key, Peele later created the popular Comedy Central series Key & Peele, becoming one of the funniest people on television. He would eventually end the series to pursue a movie career, leading to the acclaimed horror movies Get Out and Us. Additionally, Jordan Peele serves as the host of the Twilight Zone reboot on CBS All Access, which he also helped develop. Who could have predicted his journey from goofy Mad TV comic to horror genre mastermind?

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For now, we can only speculate about the movie, but Candyman fans are clearly interested. Hopefully, whether it's a reboot or a new sequel, it will do justice to the originals. We'll all find out one way or another when the movie premieres in theaters on June 12, 2020. Information about the movie's shoot date comes to us from Geek Vibes Nation on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick