The first Capone trailer for director Josh Trank's gangster movie finally dropped yesterday. Based on the infamous American gangster and starring none other than Tom Hardy as the titular character, there is one particular characteristic that fans are very happy to see, or, more accurately, hear. Throughout his filmography, Hardy has had a fondness for accents and, well, peculiar voices, and to the delight of many, he will be continuing this trend in Capone. Needless to say, people are loving it.

"Extremely here for another entry in the "Tom Hardy does a weird voice" genre."

From comic book caper Venom and to serious Oscar darling The Revenant to Christopher Nolan's Batman finale The Dark Knight Rises and right on through to gangster flick Legend, Tom Hardy cannot help but take on a new accent, and a different kind of mumble, in order to give each of his characters their own, unique cadence. And the same is true for Capone.

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Of course, Hardy also loves to wear a mask. Whether it be the medicinal mask of Bane or the mask of a fighter pilot, Hardy loves to cover up and is doing so again with extensive makeup in order to make the handsome Hardy look as much like a syphilis suffering Capone as possible. It seems that such variety has left moviegoers with no idea what his real voice sounds like, or what he looks like, but, in the end, is that not the sign of a great actor?

"I think it might be time to acknowledge that none of us really knows what Tom Hardy actually looks like, or what his real voice/accent is."

Despite Hardy's clear dedication and hard work, some cannot help but find it hilarious.

"If Tom Hardy will be doing a funny voice, I'm all in."

Others are not sure about the overall quality of the movie, but most do not really care, so long as Hardy does a voice.

"I don't know how "good" this is gonna be but I do know I will enjoy the fuck out of it. Love Tom Hardy's voice was the big reveal of this trailer. I worship Matt Dillon."

Some fans are seemingly growing tired of Hardy's fondness for voices, and have resorted to outright mockery, suggesting that when you really listen, all of his characters sound kind of the same.

"Hey look! It's that voice Tom Hardy does, but American!"

Of course, there are some who appreciate the work he and others put in to create such diverse grunts and murmers.

"Tom Hardy's dialect coach deserves an Oscar. Different voices in Lawless, Dark Knight Rises, The Drop, Venom, Inception, Fury Road, Warrior, Legend, The Revenant, and now Capone. Wow."

In the end, fans are just pleased that no matter what craziness may be occurring outside their windows, you can always depend on Tom Hardy and his unusual vocal cords.

"It's reassuring that in these weird times, we can still rely on Tom Hardy to do a weird voice."

Whether you appreciate Hardy's affinity for vocals or not, his involvement in Capone is surely the major factor drawing people to Josh Trank's mobster biopic.

Capone, originally titled Fonzo, is scheduled to be released on May 12th through on-demand platforms. Hardy will be joined by co-stars Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Kyle MacLachlan, Jack Lowden, and Noel Fisher.

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