A couple of interesting tidbits have come in regarding the Steve Rogers character in both Captain America 2 and The Avengers. First up, screenwriter of Captain America 2, Christopher Markus, who is working alongside Stephen McFeely, revealed that he is pushing to have MODOK as the film's main villain. Not only that, he wants to cast Peter Dinklage in the role of this man whose head grew so large for his body that he can only get around in an exoskeleton and armed hoverchair.

It certainly isn't a conventional choice, though MODOK is an original villain of Steve Rogers from the 60s era comic books. This is what Christopher Markus had to say about the character and why he wants MODOK in the movie.

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"I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the moment. I will win you over to Peter Dinklage as MODOK. If he came around the corner and you saw him floating there you would be terrified. It would be amazing. (They) really pulled off the Red Skull. It doesn't look like a mask. It looks like it's fully integrated into his flesh. And I want to see what they can do with MODOK."

In other Steve Rogers related new, The Avengers director Joss Whedon has revealed that he will open that ensemble superhero film with an old newsreel from the 40s featuring actress Joan Leslie as Steve Roger's girlfriend of the time. The director will digitally recreate the departed actress using footage from the film This is the Army.