Fans expect the unexpected when it comes to Marvel's slate of superhero movies, and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War will be no different. When Captain American 3 started shooting in Atlanta last month, Marvel released the full cast list featuring surprise inclusions such as Ant-Man star Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and The Incredible Hulk star William Hurt as General Thaddeus Ross. Today we have new details for Captain America: Civil War that are currently unconfirmed, but if true, add intrigue to this sequel. There are POTENTIAL SPOILERS below, read on at your own risk!

Chadwick Boseman will make his first appearance as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, with these movie rumors claiming T'challa will side with Iron Man over Captain America early in the story. Black Panther's armor is made entirely from Vibranium, the chief resource of his home country Wakanda and the same material Cap's shield is made from. Black Panther will have a showdown with both Iron Man and Cap, with Black Panther's Vibranium armor able to scratch Captain America's shield, proving to be a more worthy adversary than thought. T'challa also has what is described as a "sleek Panther jet," that is "Stark-like" in design.

Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye and Paul Rudd's Ant-Man will also receive costume upgrades, with Hawkeye's new look adding more "purple flair" along with a "full right sleeve." Ant-Man may appear in Giant-Man form, approximately 15 to 20 feet tall, as he takes on Tony Stark and his team. There will be a scene where Ant-Man is standing on one of the arrows Hawkeye shoots. Don Cheadle's War Machine is getting a "tank-style" costume upgrade, featuring a shoulder cannon that can be detached and used as a warhammer.

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Anthony Mackie's Falcon will also be back, sporting a new costume upgrade that includes wrist lasers and grappling hooks. The Falcon will have his own sidekick, known as Redwing in the comics, albeit a much different version. In the comics, Redwing is an actual bird that is telepathically linked to Falcon, but in Captain America: Civil War, Redwing is a red, robotic drone that is "linked" to his armor. Chris Evans' Captain America will get his own upgrade, donning the classic chainmail armor from the comics. None of these details are confirmed at this time. What do you think?