Back in November, just weeks after it was announced that the third Captain America movie will be entitled Captain America: Civil War, German actor Daniel Brühl joined the cast, although his specific character was never confirmed. There was a rumor that surfaced in January, which hinted that he could be playing the villainous Baron Zemo, but we still haven't heard anything official from Marvel quite yet. Daniel Brühl recently spoke about the role for the first time in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, although he wouldn't reveal any specifics, for fear of landing in "Marvel prison."

"I am not supposed to say anything. I cannot even talk about the part, really, because I would be too afraid to give something away and then I'll end up in the Marvel prison and I do not want that."

While we'll still have to wait and see what character the actor plays, he did add that it's a huge role for him.

"It's huge for me. From the world I am coming from and the movies I have done, this feels big-megalomania and huge. I think I will be walking around for the first week being amazed, like a little boy, to be in that universe. It is going to be fantastic. It is something new. That is why it is a challenge. But it is something I am very much looking forward to because this is entertainment on the highest level."

There have also rumors that his character will also be the main villain in Doctor Strange, leading some to believe that he is playing Baron Mordo. Production is scheduled to begin next month in Atlanta, so hopefully we'll learn more details regarding Captain America: Civil War very soon. Who do you think Daniel Brühl is playing in this highly-anticipated sequel? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more details.