Over the past week, much has come to light about Marvel's plans to include Spider-Man in their upcoming sequel Captain America: Civil War. The studio tried to work out a deal with Sony that included a new trilogy, with Sony retaining creative control while Marvel fronted a majority of the bill. It wasn't known exactly why the deal fell apart. But the group behind the Sony hack, which is slowly releasing information in bits and pieces, has leaked more info on the matter, and it has been revealed that Sony wanted to use Captain America: Civil War in setting up their The Amazing Spider-Man spin-off The Sinister Six.

In a series of emails, Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal raised a number of questions about how the Spider-Man character will be handled in a Marvel Studios crossover, and mentions quite a few stipulations on how to move forward, and how it would affect their own use of the character in the future. In an email to producer Matthew Tolmach, she states:

"I love introducing pp [Peter Parker] in cap but I know it comes with so many things since we won't give them what they want what will we give them? We can say it's a cameo but I'll bet it's more and will involve some of his world and it will be peter and spidey right?"

In the Civil War storyline, Peter Parker reveals that he is Spider-Man to the world. This leads to the Kingpin putting a hit out on Aunt May. If Captain America: Civil War wanted to follow this same plot from the comics, it would greatly alter what Sony is trying to accomplish with the character. It has now been revealed that the studio wanted a cut of the box office for Captain America: Civil War, as well as creative control over how the character is used in the movie. In a memo to herself, Amy Pascal asks these important questions, including whether or not they will be able to use other Marvel characters in their Spider-Man movies moving forward:

"Need script approval, casting approval of [Spider-Man] and Aunt May and consultation of May's house in Queens and any other spiderman locations we may need in future movies. Also approval of new Spiderman costume...How long is he in the movie? How closely does it follow the Civil War story line? does the world find out who Spiderman is? are there any other characters from the Spiderman universe they are using? Can we use one of the Marvel characters in our future Spiderman movies not produced by marvel? Can we use Cap to set up [Sinister Six]? can [director Drew Goddard] work with the Russos to get this done? Are we renting him out?"

This may have been too much of a headache for Marvel to deal with. But it sounds like it may have caused even more problems for Sony. It was previously reported that a deal may eventually happen, but probably not in time for Captain America: Civil War. What do you think of these new developments?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange