/spider-man-marvel-movie-universe/Back in October, it was rumored that Marvel was aggressively trying to bring Spider-Man to Disney. The latest developments in the Sony hacking scandal have revealed those rumors to be true, exposing the entire strategy that was proposed by Marvel Studios, which included having the iconic wall-crawler appear in Captain America: Civil War.

Sony Pictures has been compromised in a Hack by an unknown entity, with The Wall Street Journal exposing the latest leak from inside the studio. These stolen emails and documents confirm that Marvel wanted to make a whole new trilogy of Spider-Man films that would have allowed Sony to retain some of the creative control, marketing and distribution rights to the character. This would have also allowed Peter Parker to show up in Captain America: Civil War, a movie that will already have Chris Evans as Captain America going up against Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

In the Civil War comic books, Spider-Man plays a pivotal role as two warring factions of superheroes go against each other, those who want superhero registration and those who don't. At the end of the first issue, Peter Parker reveals his true identity to the world, which leads to Aunt May being shot on orders from the Kingpin. This won't happen on the big screen though, as talks between Marvel and Sony broke down for unknown reasons.

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Sony's currently plans also match other recent rumors. They are still planning The Sinister Six, which should hit in November of 2016. As as we've heard before, they are prepping an all-female spin-off that includes various Spider-Man characters. One new development is that the directors of The Lego Movie, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, are planning a Spider-Man animated comedy. As of now, everything is on hold until Sony holds a big Spider-Man summit in January.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange