Marvel's Captain America: Civil War doesn't even start production until later this year, so it will likely be quite some time before we get even our first brief glimpse of footage. Naturally, there are plenty who don't feel like waiting that long, and that's where YouTube user Alex Luthor comes in. Using footage from previous Marvel movies and others outside the MCU, Alex Luthor has created an epic fan-made trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

We know that the story will center on Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) dueling over the Superhero Registration Act, which requires any citizen with super powers to register themselves with the government, to become a part of a massive police force. Most of this trailer features carefully crafted edits that make it seem like Cap and Tony are squaring off against each other, and we even get brief snippets of non-Marvel movie footage featuring Daniel Brühl, who was revealed to be playing the villainous Baron Zemo in the sequel.

The trailer also includes a few shots from the first Ant-Man trailer featuring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, although we don't know for sure if Lang will be featured in it Captain America: Civil War. We also know that Chadwick Boseman will make his MCU debut as Black Panther, before his own stand alone movie debuts in 2017, whose presence is teased ever so briefly at the end of this trailer. Check out Alex Luthor's fan-made trailer below, and stay tuned for more updates on Captain America: Civil War.