While Marvel continues to focus its energy on releasing the Phase Two sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they are already thinking about Captain America 3, and plan to bring directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo back for this third installment.

Neither Marvel nor the two director have made an official comment. Captain America 3 has not been greenlit by the studio, and negotiations will not begin until after Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on May 4.

Sources close to the production say that Marvel is extremely impressed with the job that Joe Russo and Anthony Russo did on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with many believing it is the best Marvel movie yet. The results from recent test screenings have been high, and that is the main reason Marvel is moving quickly to secure the two brothers before they move onto another project.

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Most of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier actors have options in place for a third movie, so if the sequel does well, there is no doubt that another installment will be ordered.

No release date has been secured, and there is no writer in place, but the team behind the second movie is already planning out the story arc. Kevin Feige is officially producing, and if it moves forward, Chris Evans will return as main character Steve Rogers.

As with all Marvel movies thus far, Marvel has not wanted to commit to a director for their early Phase movies. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo directed over 30 episodes of the NBC series Community before moving onto Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Joe Johnston directed the first installment Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvel is looking to get the deal for Captain America 3 done quickly so that they can move forward in the sequel's development process. They are also planning to make an offer earlier than normal in case the brothers decline, so they can find a quick replacement.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange