Last weekend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie attended the Wizard World convention in Chicago. During their Q&A session, Anthony Mackie gave his own take on the upcoming Captain America 3.

Here's what the actor had to say, teasing that Captain America (Chris Evans) and The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) team up again to "transform" The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) back into Cap's old friend Bucky Barnes, while joking that they will take on the title characters in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is, of course, what he wants to see in the movie...Not actually what is in the movie...

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"Cap and Falcon go looking for Winter Soldier. They find him. They go through this traumatic ordeal of him transforming back into Bucky. Then, once he goes back to Bucky and we get all the craziness out of his head, then we become a three-man duo - he's got a shield, he's got an arm, and he's got wings - and we go out, and we save the world. Cue theme song. And then we go beat up Batman and Superman."

At this time, no actual plot details have been confirmed by Marvel and Disney. Here, the actor is just joking around, giving his own take on what might happen in the highly anticipated Marvel sequel. Always a joker, everything the actor says should be taken with a grain of salt.

In the Marvel comic books, both The Falcon and The Winter Soldier eventually become Captain America, leading the moderator to ask both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie which one of them would be the "better" Captain America. Here's what Anthony Mackie had to say.

"If I was Cap, it would be more like Batman. Like, 'Why is Cap just whooping people's ass, like all the time?' Brother Cap is a whole different movie. That's when it gets real."

When asked what kind of story they would like to see if there was a spin-off featuring The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie revealed he wants to see a love triangle emerge between The Falcon, The Winter Soldier and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

"When we were shooting Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I realized there was a comic book story line where Black Widow falls in love with Bucky. I'm not making that up. That's in the comic books. 20 minutes later, you'll be on Twitter saying 'Oh my God! The next Captain America, Bucky and Black Widow...' No, it's in the comic book. So, I think a rom-com, with the two of us fighting over Black Widow."

Are you more excited for Captain America 3 after these new details emerged? Chime in with your thoughts below. You can watch the entire video here: