Back in January, four months before Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters and proved to be another Marvel box office hit, directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo signed on to write and direct Captain America 3, which is currently set to clash with Warner Bros.' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on May 6, 2016. During an interview with Yahoo!, the filmmakers teased new details about the sequel's story, and the timeline it's set in.

Anthony Russo explains that the story takes place "a couple years" after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with the story centering on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his complex relationship with Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). However, the filmmaker also reveals that, much like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel will have political themes

"The character was invented for an explicitly political purpose. So it's hard to get away from that nature."

Joe Russo added that Steve's moral core is part of what makes him a hero.

"His morality is part of his superpower."

There has been a lot of speculation that Steve may pass the Captain America duties off to either The Winter Soldier or The Falcon (Anthony Mackie), characters who both took over as Cap in the comic books. While the directors wouldn't confirm this detail, the directors teased that there will be new story elements in play.

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"(We are) bringing some new elements to the table that will give us a twist on Winter Soldier."

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