All year long, Marvel has been celebrating the 75th Anniversary of their iconic hero Captain America. The celebration included the release of their blockbuster hit Captain America: Civil War, which has become the biggest 2016 movie at the box office with $405 million domestically and $1.1 billion worldwide. Today we have word that the celebration will continue at Comic-Con with the unveiling of a massive Captain America statue.

USA Today reports that the 13-foot bronze statue of Captain America will first be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, which runs from July 19 through July 24, before it starts a month-long journey to the East Coast. The statue will be placed at its permanent home in Brooklyn's Prospect Park during a dedication ceremony on August 10. Here's what Paul Gitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, had to say about this event in a statement.

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"For the past 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans serving as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength and doing the right thing. (Captain America's pose was) symbolically chosen to showcase the impressive strength of Captain America and his stoic form. Captain America's signature shield also takes prominence, paying homage to his heroism, indestructible power and determination."

USA Today also has a sketch of the statue, which will feature the iconic line "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn," uttered by Chris Evans in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger. Fans will be able to follow the statue along its journey from San Diego to Brooklyn through Marvel's Instagram photos along with Twitter and Facebook status updates. For those who won't be able to see this statue in person, either at Comic-Con or in Brooklyn next month, you will also have a chance to bring home a much smaller replica.

Comicave Studios, which designed the statue along with Marvel artists, will be selling 750 limited-edition bronze replica statues. They will also sell 100 "made-to-order" 35-inch pewter replicas as well, although it isn't known when they will be available for purchase, or how much they will cost. Here's what Paul Gitter had to say about how this statue will honor Captain America.

"We hope that when fans see the statue, they will think back to a favorite comic book, treasured action figure or even be transported back to a special time and place in their lives where Captain America's values played influence."

It isn't known when exactly over Comic-Con that this statue will be unveiled, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with more updates. We previously learned that Doctor Strange will be part of the SDCC festivities, but we don't know if the unveiling will happen during a separate event, or as part of Marvel's panel. Until we find out more about this statue, take a look at the sketch below.

Captain America Statue Sketch