Captain America star Chris Evans accidentally leaked an explicit image on his Instagram earlier today. It all started when the actor decided to share a wholesome video of his family playing the game Heads Up. The video was shared to Evans' Instagram stories and started to generate a lot of attention from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. However, the video was actually a screen recording of Evans' iPhone and when the video ended, it briefly showed some images from his camera roll.

One image in the camera roll is of the male genitalia, which many believe to be the property of Chris Evans. It has not been officially confirmed who is in the picture, as it was quickly deleted from the actor's Instagram story. However, it's 2020, and people have shared screenshots all over social media of the genitalia in question, along with a NSFW meme including the actor's face. As a result, Chris Evans is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter.

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The Captain America actor generally posts about politics and his dog, so his fans really look forward to seeing what he shared with them and the rest of the world. With that being said, mistakes do happen in the digital age and it seems that Chris Evans learned that lesson today. He will likely be a lot more careful when he goes to share a screen recording from his personal iPhone to rest of the world. As of this writing, Evans has not addressed the situation.

Since Chris Evans is trending, the internet has had some pretty interesting and varied responses to the incident. One of the more popular groups of fans are the sleuths trying to determine who is in the aforementioned explicit image. At the moment, the consensus seems to believe it is Evans. On the other side of the spectrum are fans of Evans who want to keep his privacy, so they are flooding social media with more wholesome images of the Captain America actor, including ones with his dog, or from the set of Avengers: Endgame. Regardless, the image is out there and it's never going away.

Chris Evans recently starred in Rian Johnson's mystery movie Knives Out and the Apple TV+ miniseries Defending Jacob. As for his next project, he will reunite with Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo. The movie is called Gray Man and it's a Netflix thriller co-starring Ryan Gosling. As for a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evans has made it pretty clear that he is done with the Steve Rogers role for the time being, though he could always come back at some point down the road. MCU fans would love to see him return, even with a small cameo. The image was posted and quickly deleted from Chris Evans' official Instagram account.