With Captain America: Civil War currently igniting the box office, many can barely contain themselves for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War 2-Parter. At the same time, Marvel is also readying its Luke Cage series on Netflix for a late September release. With these stand alone Hell's Kitchen Avengers shows carving out a niche for its characters, it was also recently announced that there will be The Defenders miniseries coming to Netflix. This will feature Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and the aforementioned Luke Cage.

It's no secret who The Avengers will be battling in the Infinity War films. Having appeared in The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and now the Infinity War movie, everybody's favorite villain Thanos looks like he is going to push The Avengers farther than they have ever gone before. As such, they are most likely going to need some help and this is where Netflix's The Defenderswill come in.

Known for handling everyday crimes, The Defenders are no strangers to people with otherworldly powers. If it isn't Matt Murdock battling The Hand or Jessica Jones ridding herself and the world of the mind controlling Kilgrave, The Defenders always have their hands full with somebody. While not much is known about the direction of both the Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows, it seems apparent that Luke Cage will at least pick up where the first season of Jessica Jones left off. As for Iron Fist, the thinking here is that, like the other shows, we will see an origin story and then slowly see how he ties in with the other Defenders.

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All of this is great, but where does that leave the Defenders regarding Marvel's Civil War, The Sokovia Accords and The Avengers: Infinity War? As this article is largely speculative, all we have to go on is the films we've seen and comments made by those involved. One of the most telling might be from Anthony Russo (co-director of Captain America: Civil War). To paraphrase, he says that the Marvel films are controlled by Marvel. Having characters like The Avengers and The Defenders crossover is difficult due to entities (other than Marvel) controlling certain characters.

While all of this is very important and very real, money talks. Marvel (and Disney) have loads of it so they can make just about anything happen. Which leads us back to the characters. Instead of giving you a list of speculative thoughts, we have decided to give you a list of speculative action based on characters we are familiar with. While an article could conceivably be written on any character from the Marvel universe, the focus has been narrowed to "7 Ways Civil War Affects The Defenders."

Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock

If the Defenders had a leader it would most probably be Matt Murdock. With his ability to think during the toughest situations (thus far Luke Cage and Jessica Jones don't seem able to exercise such restraint), it makes sense that he would be the one that Captain America or Iron Man would deal with. At the same time, if The Avengers remain as splintered as they are when Civil War ends, even The Defenders will be forced to pick sides. Matt Murdock seems clearly like a superhero that would side with Captain America. Given how involved Murdock gets in everybody's life in Daredevil, he shares the Captain's desire to try and end suffering. As for his role in a crossover Avengers film or TV show, Matt Murdock seems most likely to run The Avengers ground game. Despite how much he may not want that role, Murdock has shown that, try as he might, being Daredevil (like Steve Rogers being Captain America) isn't something he can turn away from. With incredible fighting skills and an ability (through his heightened senses) to always be one step ahead of his adversaries, Murdock is at point C while his opponents are still at point A. As such his skills would best be served battling those who seek to hurt the public at large on the streets. Since Daredevil is unable to fly or fall from buildings that are too tall without getting seriously hurt, this seems to be where he would be most effective.

Evan Jacobs