WARNING: There are several spoilers in the following story, so tread with caution. Calling something 'the best' is a very lofty thing to assign. It is somebody's opinion after all, and you know what they say about opinions. However, something like a movie has the ability to be the best until something comes along and knocks it off it's "best" pedestal. Well, within the Marvel universe, as far as this writer is concerned, Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel film to date.

The great thing about Marvel at this very moment is that we have passed the origin stories. Sure, they keep rebooting Spider-Man so we have to, once again, see how Peter Parker became a web-slinging superhero. For the most part this is done and we now get to see how the characters live together. In many ways, Marvel's Civil War is like a version of MTV's The Real World...Just on steroids.

To say that The Avengers are dysfunctional is an oversimplification of the term. There is a genuine moral issue. Have they operated autonomously for too long? Is it possible to save the world when you are beholden to different interests in said world? Then add to this that the people we are talking about have powers that make them more than human.

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So deliciously good is Captain America: Civil War that it makes the issues the characters faced in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice seem passe. This isn't a dig at Batman v. Superman. In many ways that film, with it's juxtapositions in story lines and its odes to the comic book faithful, make it groundbreaking in its own special way. However, the motivations for why Iron Man and Captain America ultimately feel the need to try and kill one another is crystal clear. Due to this, there is a coherence in Civil War that Dawn of Justice is missing.

It is this coherence, mixed with so many iconic and mind-blowing scenes, that is the through-line layered deep within Civil War. Sure, there is the usual light Marvel moments. At the same time there are very real questions raised, very deep subtexts tackled, and that is why we present you 9 Reasons Captain America: Civil War is the Best Marvel Movie To Date.

Captain America has Heart

Captain America

The heart of Captain America: Civil War Is the debate regarding oversight. After The Avengers inadvertently cause a tragedy, every one of them is given pause. Some, like Captain America, feel that in order to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs. Others, like Iron Man, feel that if The Avengers truly serve the people, they should be discharged at their discretion. Right now, one of the biggest debates happening in the world is Government oversight. Do we need it? How much of it do we need? When is it too much? That this discussion is played out in arguably the biggest superhero film ever puts Captain America: Civil War in a class by itself.

Evan Jacobs