Step aside, Deadpool, Batman V Superman and Zootopia. There's a new big boy in town and his name is Steve Rogers. Yes! Marvel's third chapter in the ongoing Captain America saga is now the biggest movie of 2016 worldwide. And that's no small feat. Though it is the official first movie of the summer, it also comes in the wake of some blockbuster releases. But that didn't stop the Avengers from taking over the box office.

Captain America: Civil War opened in the states on May 6th, and has enjoyed the past two weekends of release sitting at the #1 spot. That may change this weekend with heavy hitters such as The Angry Birds Movie and Neighbors 2 making their big screen debuts. But as of Wednesday, the ultimate fight between Team Cap and Team Iron Man has secured $310.5 million in domestic ticket sales. It earned another $671.4 million in international territories according to EW, bringing its global cume to an amazing $981.9 million. And it will probably reach $1 billion before this weekend is over.

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Civil War has zoomed past Zootopia, which previously held the crown as the top box office draw of 2016 with $971.3 million. Both releases are from Disney, who have also fared well with their live-action Jungle Book which has pulled in $831 million. Disney now has three of the top 2016 movies in its stable. Warner Bros. and DC Comics' Batman V Superman is resting in fourth place with a global total of $870.1 million, which could substantial rise if The WB and DC decide to pull the trigger on an R-rated theatrical release for Dawn of Justice.

A big portion of Civil War's success can be attributed to intentional markets. Here at home, the movie is actually trailing Zootopia, Batman V Superman and The Jungle Book. Perhaps most surprising of all is that Deadpool is still standing tall has the biggest domestic release of 2016 with $362.6 million to its name. While Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character, the movie came from 20th Century Fox, who is looking to have another blockbuster hit this Memorial Day Weekend with X-Men; Apocalypse. Though, it's not expected to fare as well as the other three big superhero movies of the year thus far.

That said, Captain America 3 is only entering its 3rd weekend in release this Friday. And while it will face some big competition, especially when it comes to Angry Birds, the movie still has a long road ahead of it at the box office. This weekend will likely push the movie to $1 billion worldwide, making it the first 2016 release to achieve the milestone. And when all is said and done, Civil War will likely also take the domestic release box office crown away from Deadpool. But that's still a few weeks coming.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange