Disney and Marvel have been on a run of box office dominance in recent years that is pretty much unprecedented, and it really isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Captain America: Civil War has been cashing in ever since it hit theaters earlier this summer and it still has some gas left in the tank after more than 6 weeks since its initial release. As of today, it has just crossed $400 million at the domestic box office, becoming the first movie of 2016 to do so.

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie was just shy of the marker on June 16 and the haul from Friday will be enough to put Civil War over the $400 million hump. A handful of other films got very close to the mark earlier in the year, with Deadpool getting the closest at $363 million. Disney had two other horses in the race, as The Jungle Book has made $354 million at the domestic box office and Zootopia pulled in a very impressive $338 million. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't get as close as some people thought it would, having grossed $330 million domestically, but that is good enough for fifth place at this point in the year.

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In terms of Worldwide box office, Captain America: Civil War is continuing to crush it as well, having earned $1.147 billion and counting. That number is good enough for the number one spot of 2016 so far, and it is hard to picture any other movie overtaking it at this point when looking at the release schedule for the rest of the year. Marvel and Disney also have Doctor Strange coming out in November, but that is looking to perform more like Ant-Man and at very best will do Guardians of the Galaxy numbers. But that won't even come close to what Civil War has managed to do, and it is hard to picture any other movie from any other studio pulling in that kind of money. Finding Dory is looking at a monster first weekend and could easily cross the $1 billion mark, but it is hard to imagine it overtaking Civil War for the top spot overall.

Disney also currently has the second and third top grossing films worldwide for 2016, with Zootopia having just crossed the $1 billion mark and The Jungle Book approaching it with $912 million. As for on the domestic side of things, 3 movies that were released in 2015 managed to break the $400 million mark. Star Wars: The Force Awakens wound up setting an all-time record, finishing up its box office run with a staggering $936 million domestic haul. Jurassic World was also well over the $400 million mark last year, with a $652 million domestic take. Another Disney and Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, took in $459 million as well.

Captain America: Civil War proved to be everything the studio wanted it to be and largely what fans and critics hoped it would be as well. With Batman V Superman suffering at the box office to some degree as a result of negative response, Civil War was praised by fans and critics alike, which helped to carry it to the impressive $400 million domestic haul. Captain America 3 is in theaters now. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as the movie starts to wrap up its run at the box office.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott