(Warning! SPOILERS contained within) Are you ready for the shocking events that will unfold in Captain America: Civil War? Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo don't think you are. While there have been some profound moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to now, none compare to what is about to unfold this summer. And it sounds like we're all in for a heartbreaking ride.

There have been rumors aplenty swirling around Captain America: Civil War. One of the biggest ones is that Chris Evans' Steve Rogers will die at the hands of his own government. While The Russo Bros. won't confirm that as true, it did happen in the comic books upon which this particular sequel is based. And the way they talk about the events in the movie, it sounds like it's definitely a possibility.

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Speaking with ComicBook.com, the directors were asked what kind of impact Captain America: Civil War will have on the continuing MCU. Their answer did not disappoint. First, Joe Russo had this to say about the incoming earthquake that is Captain America 3.

"It's going to be more evolved than it ever has been with in any of the films. Winter Soldier created a seismic shift in terms of the world of the Marvel Universe. This is going to create a seismic shift in the psychology of the character which is more profound. It's a very profound shift."

Joe Russo then decided to take things a step further. From the sounds of it, this next Marvel adventure will change this comic book world as we know it. And it's definitely going to be hard to watch in terms of the sheer emotional weight of it all. He goes onto say this.

"For us, we really are firm believers in stakes. We like movies with high highs and low lows and we just feel like you get a more well-rounded experience in that type of film. Now that we're engaged in serialized storytelling, it starts with Winter Soldier and ends with the Infinity War movies. We feel it's very important that those four films, Civil War, and both Infinity War movies, have a very profound effect on the audience. I think a lot of shocking things are going to happen, which is really interesting because you haven't had this kind of... maybe other than Harry Potter, I guess you can count the Bond series... but the kind of investment over a period of time with this many characters behaving in a universe. I think our job is to send you on a very profound experience between now and 2019 and it starts with Civil War. I don't know if people will be prepared for what this movie is going to include."

How's that for hype? Do you believe this movie will deliver a solid blow to the gut? Will it make you cry? Will it make you reevaluate these comic book characters, as the story carries forward in a new light? It's possible that Captain America: Civil War will be the greatest Marvel movie ever released. What the directors have to say only has us even more excited!