Way back in the fall of 2014, when Marvel announced its massive Phase Three slate, the studio revealed that Chadwick Boseman would play the iconic T'challa in both Captain America: Civil War and the forthcoming Black Panther standalone movie, which is set for release on February 16, 2018. This presentation offered our first look at concept art for this beloved character, which was fairly close to the costume fans saw in Captain America: Civil War this summer. As is often the case, there were several earlier designs for T'challa's iconic costume, and today we got a glimpse at some of these.

Concept artist Andy Park shared these illustrations on Twitter, with the first two photos showcasing the "tribal look" the artist was going for with this character. While the talons are still in place, the mask and suit feature a streamlined look that appears to accentuate T'challa's physique. The final illustration is described as a "hi-tech sleeker look" by the artist, which features a different approach to both the mask and the suit as a whole. It isn't known when during the pr-production process these illustrations were made, or when they decided on the final look for T'challa.

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Captain America: Civil War not only showcased T'challa in action, but the post credit sequence also gave us our first look at his homeland of Wakanda as well. The post credit scene featured Captain America (Captain America) taking his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) to a facility in Wakanda, which was embedded deep within the jungle. It isn't known if this story will continue in the stand alone Black Panther movie, but that project has already added a number of new cast members.

Michael B. Jordan recently signed on to reunite with his Creed and Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler on Black Panther, although his character hasn't been confirmed yet. There have been rumors that he could be playing a villain, and we have also reported that Lupita Nyong'o (Star Wars The Force Awakens) was being eyed to play T'challa's "love interest." Civil War producer Kevin Feige recently confirmed that production is scheduled to begin in early 2017 on Black Panther, with director Ryan Coogler working on a new version of the script, originally written by Joe Robert Cole.

While we don't know for certain, it's possible that Chadwick Boseman's costume could get an upgrade for this standalone Black Panther movie, but we don't know if Andy Park is currently working on new designs for that project. Marvel will be showcasing its upcoming slate at Comic-Con with a huge Hall H presentation on Saturday, July 23, but we don't know for sure if Black Panther will be addressed or not. While we wait for more details, take a look at Andy Park's concept art below.