Helmut Zemo was the villain in Captain America: Civil War, and the secret mastermind behind the plot to cause an internal rift within the Avengers which would lead the heroes into a war with their own teammates. The Infinity Saga box set, containing deleted and behind-the-scenes clips from a decade's worth of MCU films, also has a moment from Civil War with a deleted introduction scene for Zemo, recently posted on Reddit:

CIVIL WAR - Zemo at the Auction House (Deleted Scene from Infinity Saga Box Set) [1:38] from r/marvelstudios

As seen in the Infinity Saga box set, The scene opens in a black market auction house, where a dead Hydra agent's personal belongings, particularly his imposing rifle, are being sold to the highest bidder. Suddenly, an innocuous man near the middle of the rows of bidders starts commenting on the worthlessness of the items on display.

The manager of the auction directs a security guard to throw the man out, but as the guard moves forward, he appears to have difficulty breathing, keeling over onto the floor. Soon the other people in the room also begin to faint, as the manager looks on with horror, and the innocuous man, now revealed to be Zemo, pulls a gas mask over his face.

With all the other guests passed out on the floor, or worse, Zemo makes his way to the front of the room. He glances briefly at the Hydra rifle on display on top of the cart it was wheeled in on. Then he bends down and reaches into the bottom shelf of the cart, from where he brings out a red notebook with a gold star emblazoned across the center.

That is where the scene ends, but those who have seen the full movie already know what that mysterious book was. It contained a record of the procedure that turned Steve Rogers's old friend Bucky Barnes into the brainwashed Winter Soldier.

Zemo would later in the movie use the commands listed in the notebook to reboot Bucky's brain and turn him back into a murderous super-soldier. While we saw that book in the original cut of the movie, the circumstances behind how Zemo got hold of it were never revealed. Instead, the first time we saw Zemo was when he visited a former Hydra agent's house to torture him for information.

It is not clear why the makers of the film decided to cut the auction house scene from the original cut. Perhaps introducing Zemo as he seemingly murders a room full of civilians just to retrieve a book would have gone against the 'sympathetic villain' characterization that he was treated with for the rest of the movie. Or perhaps the scene was simply seen as an unnecessary addition to an already lengthy film.

Whatever the reason, fans of the character now have this additional deleted scene to enjoy. Zemo is also making a return to the MCU in the Disney+ show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where he will take one more step down the road to super-villainy by assuming his comic book identity of Baron Zemo, complete with the purple face mask. This first appeared on Reddit.

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