Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this fantastic (Black) Friday? A new video celebrates 20 years of memorable Pixar movies, we have a supercut of improbable movie weapons and the top 10 movie scenes of all time. But wait, there's more! We have a new breakdown of Easter Eggs in the first Captain America: Civil War trailer and a humorous comic that shows what superheroes are thankful for! Sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs

After breaking down all of the Easter Eggs in Marvel's Jessica Jones earlier this week, Mr. Sunday Movies is back with a new video that showcases the Easter Eggs and references in the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War. This video points out a number of characters that were hiding in plain sight in the trailer, such as Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter, Frank Grillo's Crossbones and even Martin Freeman's mysterious character, who has yet to be revealed.

Pixar 20th Anniversary Tribute

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Pixar's first movie, Toy Story, which was released in late November 1995, Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. has put together a stirring tribute to the beloved animation company. This two-minute video not only revisits all of Pixar's films, but includes portions of director Andrew Stanton's TED Talk about how to tell a great story.

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Here's What Superheroes Are Thankful For

Superhero Comic Strip 1
Superhero Comic Strip 2
Superhero Comic Strip 3
Superhero Comic Strip 4
Superhero Comic Strip 5
Superhero Comic Strip 6
Superhero Comic Strip 7

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Tumblr page Bats vs. Supes put together an amusing comic strip, where heroes such as The Flash and Wonder Woman reveal what they're thankful for. The comic gets truly amusing when Superman keeps interrupting Batman. We're sure The Dark Knight has plenty to be thankful for, but it's clear that Superman is a hard act to follow.

Supercut of Improbable Movie Weapons

Back in August, the fine folks at Burger Fiction put together a supercut of scenes that feature improbable movie weapons, such as the umbrella from Kingsman: The Secret Service, a larger tanker ship in Pacific Rim and much more. Earlier this week, the site put together a continuation of this supercut, featuring the paperclips Bullseye uses in Daredevil, the toothpaste used in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and the icicle from Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

Top 10 Movie Scenes Of All Time

Cinefix has put together another video list for your viewing pleasure, and it's one of their most ambitious lists yet. Here they offer their picks for the 10 best movie scenes of all time, a towering feat to say the least. Some of the timeless films that made the list include The Deer Hunter, Modern Times and Rear Window, along with a few modern classics like The Master and No Country for Old Men.

Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Won't Talk About Stuck On You

Did you know that Presidential candidate Ben Carson had a brief cameo role in the 2003 comedy Stuck On You? He actually played the doctor who uses his "gifted hands" to separate the conjoined twins played by Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. Funny Or Die has put together a hilarious video that accuses the Presidential candidate of hiding from his past, since he never mentions the movie in any of his books, interviews or other political appearances.

A Video Breakdown of the Mid-Atlantic Accent Explains Why Old Movie Actors Sound Different

Have you ever wondered why actors in classic movies sound so different than we do today? Brain Stuff has a new video where they explain how this unique pattern of speech, known as the Mid-Atlantic Accent, first came to be, and why it was so prevalent in old movies from the 1930s and 1940s. It's probably the most interesting video you'll watch about linguistics and speech patterns.

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