If you're worried about Captain America: Civil War spoilers, you should have probably watched the movie in its first weekend of release. As Marvel has just released a new TV spot that gives away one of the sequel's best moments. Watch as Ant-Man becomes Giant Man during the incredible airport fight scene that everyone who's seen the movie is raving about.

While Black Panther and Spider-Man are definitely worth the price of admission, one of Civil War's highlights is the return of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. In the movie, he is recruited by Steve Rogers and Team Cap to go up against Iron Man and his loyal followers. During the big superhero fight, Tony Stark introduces everyone to New York's favorite Wall-Crawler Spider-Man. To counter Spidey's webbing prowess, Scott Lang reveals he has a few tricks up his sleeve, including transforming into Giant Man from the Marvel Comics.

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While a crowd-pleasing delight, the idea of turning Ant-Man into Giant Man almost didn't happen. Kevin Feige and the studio weren't convinced about introducing Giant Man right away. Captain America: Civil War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely claim there was some "pushback" about Ant-Man's transformation, and directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo really had to fight for his inclusion. Here's what Stephen McFeely had to say.

"The brothers [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] had to fight for it. They had to go to the studio and say, 'No it's not silly, it's cool.' It's a comic book movie! In the grounded Winter Soldier, it's Three Days of the Condor except in the middle there's a talking robot that tells you HYDRA has been there the whole time. And a lot of people went, 'That's a little much.' No, it's a comic book movie! That's okay. Same thing here, except it's Giant-Man."

It was Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige who ultimately decided the time was right for Giant Man to make his first introduction in the MCU. The moment wasn't necessarily supposed to be a part of the upcoming sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp, and as it so happened, the transformation tied in perfectly with Spider-Man's debut in this superhero world. And Giant Man helped turn the tide of what was already an awesome battle in 'a huge, shocking, unexpected way'. Now you can see what everyone is talking about in this latest TV spot for Marvel's Civil War courtesy of Youtube, which heralds it as the biggest movie in the world right now. We also have the first image of Giant Man released by Marvel.

Captain America: Civil War Giant Man Photo
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