Last week, promo art from Captain America: Civil War showed how the teams will be split down the middle. What the art didn't show was Spider-Man, and his allegiance to either Steve Rogers or Tony Stark. The comic book had him siding with Iron Man first, but he later defected to the side of America's first Avenger. A new rumor hints that the first part of this is true, while also positioning the idea that Stark plays an important role in the creation and myth that is Spider-Man. But is it true?

In the comic books upon which Captain America: Civil War is based, the billionaire industrialist Tony Stark gave teenage wall-crawler Peter Parker a set of armor dubbed The Iron Spider suit. It was an indestructible costume used in battle against the opposing superheroes. There are various reports that Peter Parker will be donning two very different, distinct suits in next year's Captain America sequel. One is said to be homemade, the other is said to be more traditional, and may even keep the original black and red color scheme first seen in the comics. Many have wondered if the second suit will actually be The Iron Spider armor.

The latest rumor, which arrives from Latino Review, claims that Peter won't be getting a suit from Stark. Instead, he will get a different kind of hardware. Something that is equally important. Yes, Stark will be creating Spidey's web-shooters. It is said that, because Peter is a poor high school student, he doesn't have the necessary means to create the shooters on his own. And that actually makes a lot of sense.

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Peter Parker doesn't have access to materials that would allow him to create a web-shooter that actually works as we see in the comic books. This means that the web-shooters aren't going to be organic, as they were in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. When he made the change from the comics in 2002, it was a big deal for fans. But now, a lot of people have accepted that Peter shoots his own webbing, and it once again tore fans in half when the original idea of Parker making his own web-shooters was introduced back into 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man.

In the Civil War comic books, before Peter Parker leaves Iron Man to join Steve Rogers, Tony is able to study his DNA, and figure out the best method to stop him. Tony obviously has the advanced technology needed to create working web-slingers. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Robert Downey Jr. says he gets to 'make everyone look cool', and that's supposedly gong to extend to individuals not on the Avengers team. It isn't known if this is incentive for Peter to join Stark's side, or if Tony just feels like helping the youngster out.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter's adhesive web fluid came from OsCorp, but he built the shooters himself. It was one way of showing Parker's above average intelligence. To hear that he won't have a hand in crafting the web-shooters himself may strike some fans as odd. Some might even hate the idea. There is also the possibility that Peter has created his own web-shooters, and Stark just takes it upon himself to enhance the crime fighting tools.

Most of the details about Spider-Man's role, and even the look of the character, are still under wraps. It isn't known how soon we'll see Tom Holland suited up. One recent rumor suggests that Steve Rogers and Peter Parker will engage in an epic fight, which will serve as one of Captain America: Civil War's action centerpieces. The fight is supposed to be as geeky as it is cool, but it's unlikely that we'll see any of this revealed in the impending first trailer. The first footage was shown at D23, and there was no Spider-Man to be seen at all. So, what do you think of Tony Stark possibly building Peter Parker's web-shooters? Awesome? Or blasphemous?

B. Alan Orange