Are you sure you really want to know? Because this is a pretty big SPOILER! Captain America: Civil War is one of the most awaited Marvel movies of all-time. It is bringing back nearly every character we've yet been introduced to in the MCU, along with a few new ones. But fans are perhaps most excited about the inclusion of Spider-Man, who is finally a part of Disney and Marvel's big superhero family. Captain America: Civil War will set up Marvel Phase 3 and Sony's solo Spider-Man reboot. To say there is a lot riding on it would be an understatement. So we can expect Tom Holland to play an important part in the movie, however long he remains on screen. And trust the mouse, he will fight!

But who, exactly, is he fighting? Heroic Hollywood claim to have the answer. And you may or may not like or believe it! Tom Holland's introduction in this world will set the stage for an entire franchise devoted to Peter Parker's time spent in High School. But before he settles in for any homework, he is going to be faced with the Sokovia Accords (known as the Superhero Registration Act in the comics), which demand that all superheroes register their true identities and be held accountable for their actions. This is a problem for Parker, as everyone knowns, his identity has always been hid behind a mask.

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Most rumors claim that Tom Holland's appearance in the movie amounts to nothing more than a glorified cameo. But an earlier report claims he will have a substantial amount of screen time, which includes a ground breaking fight that may go down in history for being the best ever orchestrated and choreographed for a Marvel movie. The actor was recently spotted on set in Germany, which seems to indicate that he will indeed have a bigger screen presence than originally thought. And if the latest rumor turns out to be true, the wall-crawler will be featured in one of the film's biggest action set pieces.

Okay, so enough pussy footing around. Who is Peter Parker fighting in Captain America: Civil War? Heroic Hollywood says this battle royal will be against a suited-up Steve Rogers. It isn't yet known what brings these two Marvel icons to swinging fists. But they will go at it hard at some point in the movie. Just from that, we can guess that Spider-Man is on Iron Man's side when it comes to this Civil War. In the comics, Peter Parker original sided with Tony Stark, but he later changed his mind and joined up with Cap. He was with Stark long enough though, that the billionaire scientist was able to study the web-slingers DNA and discover a way to beat him. Will any of that play out in the movie? Who knows?

Earlier reports indicated that Spider-Man's fight will be using some innovative new tricks. And it will also go down in record books for being the nerdiest fight ever seen on screen. It's supposed to be a 'geek's delight'. In Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is a very young teenager, so this already doesn't sound like a fare fight. And with Steve's strong moral compass, would he allow himself to engage in such a tussle? Perhaps.

It was announced earlier today by Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito that Captain America: Civil War has officially wrapped production. Though, as with every Disney and Marvel movie to date, there will probably be reshoots. While the first footage was shown off at D23, it isn't known when or where the official trailer may drop. Some speculate that we'll get a short teaser sometime in September, followed by a full-length trailer in December, attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The D23 footage didn't show, or even hint, at Spider-man's presence, so Peter Parker probably won't be shown until closer to the 2016 release date.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange